La Cave Sartenaise (Sartène)

Southern Corsica

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La Cave Sartenaise (Sartène)

La Cave Sartenaise is a must-visit spot for local delicacies in Sartène. The store offers a wide array of regional products, such as the renowned Corsican charcuterie, different types of cheeses from local farms, tapenade and olive oil, marmalade, jams, and canistrelli biscuits.


Farmers' markets are held in most larger settlements, but Corsican deli shops do well in lieu of those. The array of quintessentially local edibles is impressive: charcuterie (meats and sausages that rank among the world's finest), cheeses, jams and marmalade made from organic fruit and berries, olives and olive oil, and sweet treats. The north of the island is famous for its wineries, whose products are readily available in the shops of the south. Traditional handicrafts, such as pottery, basket-weaving, and knife-making, are kept alive by local artisans.