Les Goûters de Justine


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Les Goûters de Justine

Les Goûters de Justine is a tea house that offers homemade cakes, made daily by the owner of the place, as well as delicious hot or cold drinks to match. Once you set foot in it, you will be thrown back in time to the 80s, when this café first opened, with its mismatched furniture and its ancient decor.


France's coffee culture has developed around a deep love towards a strong, full-flavoured coffee brewed "the Italian way". Clermont-Ferrand is dotted by quaint cafeterias, intimate spots to relax by enjoying a cafe au lait or a croissant. Strolling down the centre, you certainly won't find yourself short of options to satisfy your sweet tooth - French patisserie is renowned worldwide for its vast assortment of pies, crepes and colourful pastries and Clermont-Ferrand lives up to the reputation.