La Toque Cuivree


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La Toque Cuivree

Try the sweet specialty of the region - a local pastry called "canele", a rum and vanilla-flavored creation with creamy custard on the inside and a crispy brown outside. La Toque Cuivree is a well-known pastry shop specializing in this particular treat.


Wine and fine food enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice. Lots of wine shops and delis are worth exploring, as are the markets held most days in squares and marketplaces around Brest’s districts. Brest naturally has its share of larger department stores and supermarkets. Most of the shops in the city centre itself are around the areas of Saint-Luc and the Place de la Liberté, but it is well worth venturing out to the suburbs too, as most of the districts boast a variety of specialty shops and street markets. The markets are a good place to look for local pâtés and cheeses, vegetables, fruits and meats, but also crafts and antiques.