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Budapest is a truly authentic and historic European capital, but it also has an innovative, pulsating personality--making it a versatile and cosmopolitan city. The beautiful built and natural environment, the grandiose architecture, the historical thermal spas, the diverse and vibrant gastronomy, a blossoming fashion and design scene, and the rich cultural life define Budapest’s sparkling and original character. Come with us and indulge in the spice that is Budapest. Make memories you will remember for the rest of your life.

The City

Budapest is a very central European and a global city at the same time. This apparent paradox is due to its lively history, its diverse population and the continuous, inspirational blend of cultures. The city’s liberating atmosphere continually stimulates your senses. Budapest’s spice derives from its vitality and cultural effervescence, and we Hungarians use the city in a creative way. We are able to do “usual” things unusually well. Let us show you the majestic Buda castle hosting a wine festival, the Liberty bridge turning into a picnic spot above the Danube river, or the unique vibe of the ruin bars in the Jewish District. It is almost impossible to list everything that is worth doing, seeing or tasting in Budapest, especially because a journey in and around the Hungarian capital will surely lead to personal discoveries as well for each visitor.


A gastronomic revolution has taken over Hungary in the past few years. New restaurants, bistros, and street food places have been opening on almost every corner of its capital city, but cuisine in the countryside is in bloom as well. Whether they want to have a multi-course meal while tasting the best wines of the country or prefer to grab a bite in a more casual place, visitors to Hungary will definitely find something for themselves in the large selection of venues for dining. From exquisite wine bars to unique and creative cooking courses and gastronomy festivals, the country offers an exciting spectrum to everyone who loves to eat.

Spas and Thermal Baths

Thanks to the geological features of the Carpathian Basin, Hungary is extremely rich in thermal springs, and the area of Budapest is no exception: the capital stretches across over 100 springs, many of them accessible to the public in beautiful historical buildings, abundant in the City of Baths.

Do & See

Budapest offers plenty of entertainment all year round: from green parks and soothing thermal baths to architectural gems and museums, to be explored in city quarters all different in character.


From opulent, fin de siècle cafes to new wave coffee houses, Budapest never fails to entice lovers of caffeine. Confectioneries too abound to offer you traditional Hungarian desserts--make sure to try a good strudel or kürtőskalács, a spit cake best had with a cinnamon coating (look in markets or Váci street). Winter favourites include walnut puree with whipped cream and flódni, a rich dessert layered with poppy seeds, walnut, and apple.

Bars & Nightlife

Ruin pubs in Budapest are having their heyday, as old abandoned buildings are given a second chance by being creatively transformed into quirky eclectic bars, having earned the city the nickname Party Capital of Europe. Head to Deák Ferenc tér or get off the tram anywhere along the Grand Boulevard, and take to the streets of the fifth and seventh districts, the city's most vibrant neighbourhoods where parties and shots of pálinka never seem to come to an end.


Upscale shopping streets, unique antique shops, and a vast selection of western brands at convenient eastern European prices have made Budapest a popular shopping destination. The city is also abundant in world-famous treasures of Hungarian origin, as porcelain manufacturers Herend and Zsolnay both have a factory shop here.

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